LOL, Lay is waving and Kai just randomly high fived him… so cute……. (Currently spazzing right now.)

Credit: To the exotic who captured this random moment.


4-6/? MAMA era edits

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Zhang Yixing

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Gangsta wants his money back.

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Can you guess the answer?

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Oh, you know. Just typical Lay.

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南京女生真漂亮』; When Luhan seems happier than the fangirls after  hearing Xiumin says that

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kris making sure luhan took the mic on his birthday

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luhan eye fucks the camera

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(161/) Yixing gifs: my special bias Zhang Yixing (part 2) 

So Cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee

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luhan’s introduction on younha starry night

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Luhan doing a cutie dumb wolf dance and there’s Sehun just being too excited down there….

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